Shipra Bhatia-Tewani is the Founder-Director of Melange Chic – a brand for lifestyle, ethical and luxurious products. Having worked over last few years, she has been able to successfully establish Melange Chic as an online business as well as a boutique and lifestyle store in Beecroft.

Shipra graduated as an Architect from India and went on to complete her MBA from Manchester. She lived and worked in India, Australia and the Middle East gaining experience as a marketing professional before deciding to take the leap as an entrepreneur.

Shipra believes in the power of people supporting people. She is the founder of a Facebook Community called ‘Indian Mumpreneurs’ which she conceptualized drawing from the challenges she faced while building the Melange Chic brand. Shipra aims to utilise every available opportunity to give back in the hope of creating a positive and supportive community.

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