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We live in a highly connected world. Old notions of borders and boundaries have been replaced by a global mind set which has allowed businesses to succeed, ideas to flourish and people to connect seamlessly with each other across the world. Australia India Business & Trade Foundation (AIBTF) has been set up with the objective of encouraging collaboration of resources between Australia & India and establish a platform for creating connections, partnerships and mutual success.

Australia and India are no strangers to each other. India is Australia’s fifth largest export market, and tenth largest trading partner overall. Investment has grown significantly over the past decade, as have tourist flows between both countries. Australia’s exports of services to India increased by an average 13.6 per cent per annum since 1991 to be valued at $3.5 billion in 2016. In turn, in 2014-15, Australia imported goods and services worth over $5.3 billion from India. India’s major export items by sector include manufacturing goods, services and fuels and mining products amongst others. Complementarity between economies, India’s size and growth trajectory, and strong diaspora links all present opportunities for a closer economic partnership between Australia and India.

Australian expertise is available in a wide range of sectors that can complement Indian industry’s needs & requirements. Australia can be a very significant value added partner for Indian businesses in their growth & expansion paths by providing competitive solutions and expertise both in traditional & emerging sectors for Indian businesses. Similarly, India has a lot to offer in the fields of information technology, textiles, professional skills and a lot more.

Australia India Business & Trade Foundation (AIBTF) will seek to connect complementary individuals and groups from both countries and empower them to create new business and growth opportunities for their respective markets.

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